Pressing Times: Our COVID Protocol

Pressing Times: our COVID protocol

2021 has changed many of our ordinary practices of everyday life. In our longstanding traditions of winemaking, the gatherings of friends and family are as much a part of the process as the grapes and the press. While changes sometimes are not welcome, it can become necessary. One thing that will not change at CFP Winemakers is our commitment to customer service. We will have a full line of grapes, juices, tanks, barrels, and supplies available from our family of suppliers.

As responsible members of our community, public safety will be our top priority this 2021 fall season at CFP Winemakers. We ask that you please follow a few simple procedures when arriving to pick up or place an order.

Remember these procedures are to protect YOU.

Here are a couple of MUSTS:

  • You MUST wear a mask. No exceptions, please.
  • You MUST practice social distancing.
  • You MUST schedule a pickup date and time in advance.
  • You MUST pay by credit/debit card or bill to your account. Absolutely no cash can be accepted.
  • You MUST remain outside, in the parking lot. No access inside the building or ON the loading dock.

WE will:

  • Provide simple, courteous direction when you arrive.
  • Limit contact with our staff. We will be properly outfitted with masks and gloves to safely serve you.
  • Ensure a clean and safe environment for you and the products you order.
  • Deliver your order promptly and accurately with attention to your every need.

It’s a good idea to:

Be prepared when placing you order. Consider all your needs BEFORE placing your order. Additives, containers, equipment, yeast, etc.

All our products are available to view and order at

Orders can also be placed, and pickups can be scheduled by


OR by

phone: 412-232- 4507 (Monday through Friday 7:00am-3:00pm).

As always, our staff is available to assist you.



If absolutely needed, we can provide a will call service outside our facility.

We do not encourage this option, as delays are expected. No cash or checks will be accepted. Card payment is required.