Fining Your Wines

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Handing someone a glass or bottle of wine you have made is rewarding. If you want to make a great first impression, make sure your wines have amazing color and polished clarity. Lets take a look at how we be certain our wines are properly clarified!


Simply put, volcanic ash. The high water absorption properties of bentonite allow it to swell and settle out in large particulates. It clarifies by having a negative charge that attracts the positive charged particulates that are suspended in your wine. This will also serve to make your wine heat stabile, preventing protein hazes from developing at warmer temperatures. An excellent choice for early fining , it can reduce bitterness from heavy pressing or overripe (moldy) fruit. Bentonite should be racked off after at least one week. Awesome for white wines.


Gelatin is an animal protein. It is recommended for red wines that may contain harsh tannins. Removing these undesirable components not only will your wines look better, they will have improved mouth feel as well. Rack off in one week.


A form of clay, sparkoloid will lend brillance to your wine without stripping any of the components that enhance a wines color. I has a positive charge and work well when enzymes have been added. Your wine will really shine with the use of this product. Rack off in two weeks. Great choice for reds.

Super Kleer

A two component effective clarifier, this shell fish derivative will clarify but will not clear pectin hazes. It does clarify quickly and can be racked in 48 hours. Great product for small batches.

If you are lending consideration to wine competitions, lend consideration to employing a fining agent. It may be the difference between gold and everything else.