Proper Storage and Maintenance of Your Wine

The busy holiday's have come and gone and most of us have probably only had time to drink our wine. Now that things have slowed down a bit, let's get back to ensuring that we will have the best wine yet for next year! Here are a few tips to give you the results you're looking for:

  • Make sure to taste your wine frequently. The more you taste it, the more you'll know if any problems are developing and be able to take action in time. It also serves to help you decide if your oak levels are compatible with your taste.
  • Be certain to keep all storage vessels "topped up" and allow no head space for oxygen in the storage vessel. Oxygen promotes the growth of unfavorable bacteria.
  • Rack your wine. You don't want to leave sediment lingering around to start a problem.
  • Maintain your sulfite levels. If you are storing your wine in glass carboys, sulfite will dissipate at a much slower rate in glass. The need for any replenishment is limited to your rackings and bottling preparation. If your storing your wine in barrels, be certain to maintain a scheduled addition. Topping up your barrels every 40 to 50 days is a good practice and it is wise to replenish your sulfites by at least 20ppm at those intervals.

Dad always said "maintenance was less expensive than repair" so make sure you use these tips for your wine's advantage and come out with the best results for your wine this year!