Winemaking Equipment


    Stainless steel ball sanitary valve, heavy duty construction and rated to 3 A sanitary standards. Tri clamp connection, with teflon seats, high quality contruction. Available in sizes to 4 inch.



    Our 4 position butterfly valve is constrtucted entirely of 304 stainless. The 4 position valve enables you to regulate flow and is a great feature for racking. Highest quality construction and 3 A sanitary certification ensures the highest production standards.


  • 1/2" Easy Turn Hose Clamp

    Stainless steel hose clamp with convenient handle for easy adjustment.


  • 18" Plastic Paddle

    18 inch food grade plastic paddle. Perfect for stirring your juice during fermentation. Easy to clean.


  • 18" Stainless Steel Baster

    18" stainless steel baster is the perfect "Wine Thief". Easy to clean, and won't break when you drop it !



    Stainless steel sanitary ball valve. Heavy duty construction and rated to 3 A sanitary standards. Tri clamp connection with teflon seat. Available in sizes to 4 "



    Our 4 position butterfly valve is constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel. This 4 position valve enables you to regulate flow and is a great feature for racking. Tri clamp connection, certified to 3 A sanitary standards.


  • 5 1/2" Chrome Spigot

    5 1/2" Chrome spigot for barrels with tapered thread.


  • Air Lock

    Top quality cylindrical lock with floating bubbler.


  • Auto-Siphon

    1/2 inch

    This Auto Siphon, for use with barrels and demijohns, has a single stroke action drawing a siphon without distrubing sediment. It is simple to both sanitize and to use and is designed for smooth, leak-free operation.


  • Auto-Siphon, Carboy Clamp

    1/2 inch

    This clamp will hold the 1/2" Auto Siphon in place on your bucket or carboy.


  • Barrel Rack, Single

    Single Barrel Rack inverts to allow 59 gallon barrel on one side and 15 or 25 gallon barrel on the other side.


  • Bottle Brush

    Straight brush for quickly cleaning bottles.


  • Bottle Corker, Floor

    Italian Floor Corker has brass iris compression. It's long handle offer plenty of leverage and is easy to use.


  • Bottle Drain Tree Station

    45 Station

    45 station bottle tree for easy draining after washing your bottles. turns for easy access.


  • Bottle Drain Tree Station

    81 Station

    81 tree bottle station for easy draining of your bottles after washing. Turns freely for easy access.


  • Bottle Filler, Springless O.D.

    1/2 inch

    Springless, 15 inch long, with a 1/2 inch outer diameter.


  • Brass Bottle washer

    Brass bottle washer attaches to faucet for quick and thorough rinsing of your bottles. Quality construction,


  • Brew Belt

    Maintains optimum fermenting temperatures. Takes standard voltage.


  • Bung, Silicone , #9.5

    Fits a 25 liter demijohn with spigot and a 20 liter demijohn.


  • Bung, drilled rubber, #11

    #11 drilled bungs fit 54 liter demijohns and 59 gallon barrels and beer kegs.


  • Bung, drilled rubber, #3

    #3 drilled bung fits most 750ml bottles and accommodates an air lock. Perfect for protecting small amounts of your extra juice prior to racking.


  • Bung, drilled rubber, #5.5

    #5.5 fits a one gallon glass jug/bottle.


  • Bung, drilled rubber, #6

    The #8 drilled rubber bung fits a 15 and a 25 gallon barrel.


  • Bung, drilled rubber, #6.5

    drilled rubber bung #6.5


  • Bung, drilled rubber, #7

    Fits a 3, 5 and 6 gallon glass carboy


  • Bung, drilled rubber, #8

    The #8 drilled rubber bung fits a 15 and a 25 gallon barrel.


  • Bung, silicone w/vent, #11

    #11 Silicone bung has vent built in to allow CO2 to escape during fermentation (fits 54 liter demijohn, 59 Gal Barrel, or Beer Keg)


  • Bung, silicone w/vent, #7

    Fits all glass carboys (3,5,6 gallon)


  • $2.00

  • Bung, solid rubber, #11

    #11 solid bungs fit 54 liter demijohns and 59 gallon barrels and beer kegs.


  • Bung, solid rubber, #8.5

    #8.5 solid bung fits 15 and 25 gallon barrels


  • Carboy Brush

    29 inches long with bent end.


  • Destemming Basket

    Stainless steel straining basket for destemming your grapes by hand.


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  • Fast Seal Tool / Lid Remover

    This multi-purpose tool securely holds PVC capsules in place for an even and smooth finish when immersing in hot water and can be used to help remove those hard to get off caps on your wine kit bags.


  • Filter Canister Housing - 10"

    1 unit

    High quality 316 stainless steel filter housing for 20" cartridge filters. 1 1/2" tri clamp connectors with pressure gauge. The perfect solution for small winery filtering. Complete with two 1 1/2" butterfly valves and 2 plunger valves for bleed off.. Uses 7, 226 o ring filter cartridge.


  • Filter Cart. 10" 1 Micron

    1 unit

    Clear beer & wine wins awards and impresses those we share it with. BevBright.Cartridge Filters are an inexpensive, easy to use, and effective filtration media that your customers are sure to love! the first high-efficiency, multi-zoned, disposable cartridge filter available in the Homebrewing & Winemaking market. Current spun cartridge filters have 60-80% efficiency ratings, meaning they let a lot of the material at their given micron rating pass right through the filter. BevBright's.least efficient filter boasts a 90% rating, and they only get better from there! The multi-zoned construction weaves coarser fibers on the outside of the cartridge and finer fibers on the inside. This approach allows the surface of the filter to catch a lot of the larger sediment and the interior to perform the "actual filtration." The net effect? It takes a lot longer for these filters to clog up and virtually eliminates the risk of blow-by. And perhaps the best feature of all: These filters are so affordable that we recommend just tossing them in the trash when you're done! Save your customers the time, frustration and risk of trying to clean and sanitize the filter cartridge.


  • Flexible Tubing 1/2" D X 10FT

    Clear, flexible, and food-safe, this polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubing is perfect for handling beverages and liquids. *Maximum working pressure at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures lower maximum working pressures.


  • Funnel Screen, 5.5"

    5.5 inch screen for funnel. Perfect for straining your pressed juices.


  • Funnel with Strainer

    12 Inch

    12 inch funnel with strainer.


  • Glass Marbles

    3 lb

    These glass marbles contain no lead. The can be used for raising fluid levels in storage vessels that need topped up after racking.

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  • Hand Bottle Corker

    Easy to use hand corker designed to insert corks in bottles. Heavy duty construction, easy operation. Cost effective corker for small quanities of wine.


  • Hand Pump

    Replacement hand pump for varilble capicity tank bladder.


  • Hydrometer

    Triple Scale Wine & Beer Hydrometer for measuring sugar in must or juice.


  • Hydrometer Test Jar

    14 Inch

    Tube can be used as a test jar when testing sugar levels with a hydrometer.


  • Manual Crusher Destemmer

    Hand grape stock remover. Great tool for fast and effective destemming. Type: nylon Dimension (cm): 1000x200xh150 Weight: 3kg


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  • Motorized Crusher Destemmer

    Semi Stainless Steel grape crusher destemmer with electric motor Hopper: Stainless / 900mmx500mm Rollers: nylon/ 220mm Basket: INOX Electric motor: 1hp Hourly production: 1500kg RPM: 600 Weight: 54kg


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  • Muslin Hop Bag


    A brewery-sized loose cheesecloth bag, 1'x3'.


  • Muslin Hop Bag


    A brewery-sized loose cheesecloth bag, 1'x3'.


  • Must Plunger

    36 Inch

    This stainless steel must plunger has a 10 inch disc with a 36 inch handle.


  • Must Plunger

    48 Inch

    This stainless steel must plunger has a 10 inch disc and a 48 inch handle.


  • Oak Infusion Tube, Carboy

    3 GAL

    This Oak Infusion Tube is for use in a 3 gallon carboy and is used as a flavoring tube for oak additives.


  • Oak Infusion Tube, Carboy

    5-6 GAL

    This Oak Infusion Tube is for use in 5 or 6 gallon carboys (1.112" Diameter X 16" Length) and is used as a flavoring tube for oak additives.


  • Oak Infusion Tube, Demijohn


    This Oak Infusion Tube is for use in a 54 litre demijohn or in stainless steel tanks (1.5" Diameter x 20" Length) and is used as a flavoring tube for oak additives.


  • PUMP, ZAMBELLI T-12 110 volt

    Zambelli T-12 pump. Self priming with flexible neoprene impeller. Made entirely of 304 AISI stainless. Suitable for liquids, pump works at low RPM's providing steady and gentle flow. 110 volt single phase. .067 HP 5 gallons per minute 2 bar pressure reversable 3/4 " hose barb inlet and outlet

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  • Pail Opening Tool

    Tool for eaasily removing the lids from your juice pails.


  • Ratchet Wine Press

    Small #30


  • Ratchet Wine Press

    Medium #40

    This press makes 25 - 40 gallons of wine. Includes blocks and ratchet handle.


  • Ratchet Wine Press

    Large #50

    Wooden cage press with enamel base and ratchet. Complete with 6 blocks and two half moons. Steel brackets hold oak wood staves in proper psoition. Built to last.


  • Siphon Kit

    Quick and easy pump action siphon kit. 1/2 i.d. tubing and bottle filler with auto shut off make for clean and easy filling of your bottles. Easy clean up, and flexible soft vinyl add to convenience of using this set up. Includes carboy clamo too !!


  • Stainless Crusher Stand

    This is sturdy channel construction stand is a catch basin for all of our crusher/destemmer equipment.


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  • Stainless Steel Strainer

    10 in.

    10 inch stainless steel strainer for filtering juice during pressing.


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  • TRI CLAMP 1 1/2"

    Stainless steel , single pin, tri clamp connector for easy connections in the winery.made of high grade 304 stainless.


  • TRI CLAMP 1 1/2" HOSE BARB 1"

    stainless steel 1 1/2" tri clamp to 1 " hose barb adaptor


  • TRI CLAMP 2"

    2" Stainless Steel tri clamp connector. Perfect for easily connecting hoses to tanks and equipment. Made of 304 stainless steel. Single pin for easy tightening.


  • Thermometer

    TRUE BREW Floating Thermometer. 8.25" in length. Scales: Fahrenheit: -5-220 or Celsius: 23-104


  • Tubing Valve 3/8"

    PVC ball valve great for quick shut off. fits 3/8 inch tubing


  • VCT Bladder 500mm

    replacement bladder for Sansone 100 liter varible capcity tank.


  • VCT Bladder 550mm

    replacement bladder for 150 liter Sansone varible capacity tank


  • VCT Bladder 600mm

    Replacement bladder for 200 liter Sansone variable capacity tank.


  • VCT Bladder 650mm

    Replacemnet bladder for 300 liter Sansone varible capacity tank.


  • VCT Bladder 695mm

    Replacement bladder for 400 liter Sansine varible capacity tank


  • VCT Bladder 750mm

    Replacement bladder for 500 liter Sansone varible capacity tank


  • VCT Bladder 800mm

    Replacement bladder for Sansone 750 liter varible capacity tank.


  • VCT Bladder 935mm

    Replacement bladder for 1000 liter Sansone varible capacity tank.


  • Vino Pro Super Transfer Pump

    Self priming utility pump for transferring or racking your wines. Capable of flow rates up to 3 gallon per minute for 90 minutes. Comes with mesh prefilter with flexible tubing.


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  • Wine Thief

    This allows you to draw samples and replace in one handy instrument. High grade acrylic for excellent clarity. 19" in length.


  • pH Meter-pH56 With Thermometer

    1 unit

    pH56 is a pocket pH meter with a lot of features. It has a resolution of 0.01 pH, a range of -2.00 to 16.00 pH, and an accuracy of 0.05 pH. It also reads temperature from 23.0 degrees F to 221 degrees F (-5.0-105.0 C), and has automatic temperature compensation. The unit is completely waterproof. The pH56 has a stability indicator and hold function that freezes the display for easy and accurate recording. The large display also has graphic symbols to guide you through the operations. Calibration is made automatically in 1 or 2 points with memorized standard and NIST buffer sets. Auto power off saves battery power after non-use. The double-junction electrode can be replaced in a very fast and simple way! The modular design allows easy electrode and battery replacement.


  • Misc Sales Wine

    All of the right products required to make wine at home. The kit includes: Brew belt, Camden tablets, 30 corks, quality hand corker, air lock with bung, large funnel with strainer, hydrometer with test jar, 5 gallon glass carboy, fast fill 1/2" siphon kit with pump, floating thermometer, and 8 ounces of B Brite cleanser.

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